Awesome, Konsep Mobil dan Motor Masa Depan

Almost a week I didn't update my site yet. I don't have much time to update my blog (cie.cie.cie :D ), how very busy I am. l.o.l....but It's just fake ^_^, Actually I was spending my time to watch movie. What movie did you watch Jono??I watched korean movie. lol O.k enough, now back to topic. Today I just share pictures not article, it's concept cars and motorcycle on the future. Mikhail Smolyanov's concepts is awesome, he is from Moscow. And his concepts are are getting more and more popular abroad. Check out some of his works.



  1. wawww... keren bgt sob!!
    btw.. itu beneran nggax atau cuma fiksi doang!

  2. canggih banget tuh konsep motornya, sy trmasuk paling suka dg gambar2 spti ini

  3. »Sobat Riefz & Wongcrewchild thanks atas kunjungannya...gambar" diatas masih sebatas consept, tidak menutupkan kemungkinan kedpannya consept tersebut menjadi real... :)


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