Design Sepatu Paling Unik, Kreatif dan Keren

Night All my friend!!what's up??how's your weekend, it was so fun.:) Today I went to Cuban Rondo Waterfal. It is Located in Batu, exactly in Malang. Many people called it Tourism City, because the are so many tourism place in there, one of them is Cuban Rondo Waterfal. and I spent my weekend in there, so that way I'm so tired now. but before I close this day, I wanna share to you all about art. These are the real works of art, they look so fun, cool or strange.Some of them maybe not comfortable to wear and get burned for our foot. because their design just use for collection not to wear everyday. but it's no wrong, if we wanna collect them for filling our cupboard. :) The ideas are truly inexhaustible! 

weird and funny shoes01 weird and funny shoes40
weird and funny shoes03 weird and funny shoes04
weird and funny shoes05weird and funny shoes06
weird and funny shoes07 weird and funny shoes08
weird and funny shoes09 weird and funny shoes10
weird and funny shoes11 weird and funny shoes12
weird and funny shoes15 weird and funny shoes18
weird and funny shoes20 weird and funny shoes22
weird and funny shoes24 weird and funny shoes28
weird and funny shoes29 weird and funny shoes02weird and funny shoes17


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