Hutan Berusia 298 Juta Tahun Terkubur Abu Vulkanik

Hot News friend... hehe :D Did you ever think to see forest in the past or the forest in 280 million years ago??recently, scientists of China and America have found the forest extraordinary 298-million-year-old forest discovered under coal mine in Wuda, Inner Mongolia, China. 
scientists called it as a  “Permian vegetational Pompeii” in the title of their research. Pompeii is an old city in Romawi that A volcanic eruption buried the entire forest under ash. It's the first time ever that the scientist have found fossilized tree and plant communities arranged in a forest. it's so amazing because the forest has burned for along time, and the position of the trees is the same as before when the eruption. So all of scientists could know where the trees grown up early. This allows them to map the forest.

Asterophyllites longifolius (A) and associated Paleostachya type strobili (B); Sphenophyllum oblongifolius (C) and associated strobili (D); Sigillaria cf. ichthyolepis leaf (E)