Foto Mikroorganisme Menggunakan Mikroskop Elektron

What's up buddy, it's cloudy here make me so lazy to do something, how about there??I hope good weather there. although I'm so lazy but I have to update my blog, because I have dreams to have many visitors in my blog. LoL so that way I must update my blog as often as I can. and now I wanna share about Foto Mikroorganisme Menggunakan Mikroskop Elektron, with The microscope we can see so many microorganisme.  Otherwise, they are all around us, but you can not see them because they are too small. Hidden, tucked, this small but very complex beings live their lives. Their external structure reminiscent of the animals much larger than them. The diversity of microorganisms is really amazing and interesting, and these photographs enable us to learn more about the world around us, which is incredible.