12 Patung dari batang pohon yang menakjubkan

Hallo guys, how are you???long time no update my blog.. :D today I have something that I wanna share to you all, but just picture not article... :D because today I'm so lazy... LOL ok. Let's check this out .... :P

1. Forest Creatures by Tommy Craggs
I think the sclupture look like a dragon... :D 

2. Louisville Lizard Chair

3. Lady of the Domaine les Boises Lee Farm
the sclupture describe about a lady who brings flowers.. :D

4. Picnic Table by Scott Kuefler

5. Douglas by Tommy Craggs

6. Old Man in the Tree by Glenn Durlacher

7. Tree Trunk Arcade

8 Sacred Groves by Lea Turto

9. Mama’s Watching by Ken Davis

10. Detail of Carved Stump in Thailand

11. Amazing Carved Stump with Roots

12. Huge Benches Made from Recovered Elms

hehe ok. that's all, hope all of picture here can give you more knowledge,,... :D