Hiriko, Mobil Lipat Hemat Tempat

Kampoeng Info - presently we aren't confused to be park our cars, because there is a car which able to fold when we want to be park. :) Looking for parking area often makes problems, especially at crowded city. Then a electric micro car is made with the ability to fold itself, to adjust to an increasingly limited parking area.

MIT-made cars, The United States was named Hiriko. The body is slim loads 2 seat. While parked, the car can change to half its original size. 3 Hiriko Cars are able to load at parking area that usually use one regular size car.

Usually mini car get problem with maneuver ability, not so with hiriko. The car is complete special steering named “robot-wheels” that enable to maneuver 1800 on its axis.

This battery-powered car can run as far as 62 mil or almost 100 km on once battery change. A computer is embedded in it, with the ability to recognize location and automatically limit the speed which the limit legalized. Moreover navigation system able to stomping part of wheel for giving notify the driver which direction to go.

The futuristic car will have been produced by the end of this year, price of the car about 16.000 dollars or about  143 million. Interested?? 


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